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posted Mar 25, 2014 13:51:45 by mrzimber
What did you learn about the Holocaust? In what ways could humans have prevented this tragedy? (Give specific details)
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David Huang said Mar 25, 2014 16:59:57

What I learned about the Holocaust was that the SS assigned the worst criminals from German prisons as cell block leaders to oversee their cells.these criminals were the ones that dished out the cruel beatings and abuse.Although, when camps grew bigger, more people were needed to fill the roles and so sometimes decent human beings were chosen as block cell overseers and they tried their best to treat their block as best as they could with the occasional beating when officials were watching.Humans could have prevent such tragedies by not appeasing to people's actions such as Adolf Hitler who seized territory such as the demilitarized zone Rhineland which contained many essential and important factories that contributed to Adolf Hitler's power and military.Humans can also prevent such tragedies by not ignoring such crimes against humanity and things that have potential to lead to such tragedy.Examples are the Nuremberg Race Laws and how they stripped the Jews of their rights and eventually made it legal to use Jews as forced laborers.All in all,humans could have prevented such tragedies by simply taking action and not sitting on the sideline watching because for all they know,they could be next.
khoazyskates18 said Mar 27, 2014 00:23:41
What I've learned about the holocaust was Jewish people had to go through a lot during concentration camps and they couldn't change clothes so they wore their work clothes to bed. More then 6 million Jews were killed during the final solution and they either shot them or gassed them. Humans could've prevented this tragedy by fighting back the guards or built weapons and killed them with it.
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