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posted Mar 25, 2014 13:51:45 by mrzimber
What did you learn about the Holocaust? In what ways could humans have prevented this tragedy? (Give specific details)
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katelinmartinez22 said Mar 25, 2014 14:23:49
Something I learned about the Holocaust is that it wasn't only Jews that were victims of murder and forced labor. There were also Gypsies and communists as well. Another thing I learned is that everyone was sepreated by what they were and what the represented for example, they had to wear color coordinated triangles and some had the wear stripped clothing. A way humans could have prevented this tragety could have been to not target the innocent or perhaps target Hitler with a stronger army, if they killed him faster and sooner his soldiers might have been scared and stood down because they didn't have a leader and someone telling them what to do. If someone took charge of the situation not many may have been killed or the torture may not have been so harsh to the people that didn't deserve it.
KennyLe said Mar 25, 2014 14:32:52
What I've learned about the Holocaust was it was a cruel and unfair. I've learned that throughout this time, killing was normal. A way humans could've prevented this tragedy is to not let people with power abuse their power.
dtsikewa1 said Mar 25, 2014 14:40:53
Something I've learned about the Holocaust today was that Auschwitz had four gas chambers and a crematoria. I also found out that a gas chamber could hold up to 2,000 people at one time. One way humans could have prevented this tragedy was to open their eyes to the world, and stop being so blind to what's happening around the world.
zimberstudent said Mar 25, 2014 14:41:04
Today I learned that the Holocaust was done on a huge scale throughout occupied Europe, not just Germany.Jews and other multiple social groups were persecuted and killed; some of the prisoners were not even considered 'undesirables'. Jews were not the only religious group in concentration camps either. We could have prevented this by taking action earlier instead of waiting almost 10 years to liberate the opressed groups. --Joanna
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lilbigshe0121 said Mar 25, 2014 14:42:36
Something I learned about the Holocaust were some of the ways that people were mistreated at concentration camps, as well as the types of plans they had created in order to maintain power and control over these groups.A way in which humans could have prevented this tragedy is to perhaps provide a better more secure army in order to protect their people or to even have a better plan as to how to take out Hitler.
avatar said Mar 25, 2014 14:43:41
What I really learned about the holocaust is that it is the inception of hatred and ignorance in one tiny mans mind, who with great rhetorical skills was able to appeal to masses of people willing to blame others for their own problems.

Honestly as a civilization who is capable of reason and compassion should have been able to put a stop to it right away, though we decided to turn the other cheek. What we could have done was take precautions on Germany, sand no the treaty of Versailles does not count because it was more of a punishment. When things where able to get so bad that people began being subjugated then that's when we should have jumped in and put a stop to all that !!!
Ethan_Cook said Mar 25, 2014 14:43:50
what I learned about the Holocaust was that it was cruel not only for Jews, but for Gypsies, Russians (Communists), and other minor races that were inferior to the Aryan race. I also didn't know that the Aushwitz was the largest Germnan prison during WWII.

I also never noticed that the Japanese also treated the Jewish race with such punishment in Asia.
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amanda.chicado said Mar 25, 2014 14:46:42
What i learned from he Holocaust was how horrible and horrific it was at Auschwitz camp. There were over one million jews and Gypsies getting mistreated very badly, and some of them did not even survive. Humans could have prevented this tradegy prehaps by taking action sooner so it did not escalate into how worse that had happened and how man lives were lost.
Eddie Cuevas said Mar 25, 2014 14:48:26
Something new I learned in this activity is the nuremberg trails i did not know that happened and it was really intersting. I think we could have prevented this if the U.S could have taken action earlier!
porfirioc.corral6 said Mar 25, 2014 14:49:24
learned about the Aushwitz camp and how there where only 36 wooden bunk beds.And how they would fill them up with 5-6 people in each one.
ashleycabrera611183 said Mar 25, 2014 14:51:33
today i learned many things about the holocaust. One of the main things i learned was the thousands of Jews that were killed. the way they were unfairly mistreated in concentration camps and killed for the race, religion they were. i got to learn of different people based on artifacts that they left behind and it was sad knowing innocent children had to leave only letters to their parents to say goodbye. humans could have prevented this in a way that they could have not followed Hitler and rebel against him.other ways would have been helping a few Jews maybe hiding them out it might not have made a big difference but it would have for just that one person. it is understandable that they could have been afraid but many people were killed unfairly and not many people ever did anything about it. the holocaust must have been a horrible experience from what i have read. this is some things i learned and also a way people could have stopped it.
destinytrinidad22 said Mar 25, 2014 14:54:57
Something I learned about the Holocuast was that Nazi ban jews from the military and 3,600 jews were arrested in Paris. I also learned that the Nuremberg Trials was a series of 13 trials carried out in Nuremburg Germany, Between 1945 and 1949. More than one million people lost their lives at Auschwitz. Prisoners were housed in primitive barraks that had no windows and were not in suited from the heat or cold. People weakend be dehydration and hunger. People could have prevented this tragedy by paying more attention to what was happening around them.
mariah.vigil65 said Mar 25, 2014 14:54:59
I have learned many interesting and informative details about the Holocaus and how the The germans mistreadted many people. One thing that i have learned is that many other groups of people were targeted and abused, such as Communists, Gypsies and Homosexuals. The Germans created a sysetem that exterminated these groups. Another thing I have learned is that the prisoners were also mistreated by fellow inmates who were chosen to supervise the others in return for special favors by the guards. Some ways that Humans could have prevented this tragedy, is to use a stronger power to target Hitler. They could have also prevented this if they werent so blind to what was going on around them.
dannyylyy said Mar 25, 2014 14:56:02
I've learned that the Holocaust was a horrible time for many Jews and not only Jews. Many prisoners was led to the concentration camps. Where many had suffered and died tragically. The well known system they used to kill prisoners was the Gas Chambers. They were able to kill them by putting many prisoners in an chamber with no way out. Then they were able to pour many gasses and killed all of the prisoners in the chambers. The humans can be able to help by just working together instead of making enemies. If we still make enemies something like the Holocaust could happen again.
Alondra Martinez said Mar 25, 2014 14:58:35
What I learned about the Holocaust was that in Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp and death camp.They held Gypsies and others there.More that 1 million Jews died there. They would also perform experiments on children men and women. Many of them spread diseases because of dehydration and they would always feed them food that was old,they also had no privacy whatsoever. The Holocaust could have been prevented if we have stepped into this much earlier than we did and investigated Hitler.
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