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posted Mar 25, 2014 13:52:13 by mrzimber
What did you learn about the Holocaust? In what ways could humans have prevented this tragedy? (Give specific details)
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zimberstudent said Mar 25, 2014 16:40:34
The Holocaust was a tragicly time period in history. Jews also does who resisted their dominaion and those they judge to be racially inferior or politically unacceptable, any person who publicly voices doubts concerning Germanys victory in the war. These prisoners wewre treated unfairly and bearly feded. This could be stoped by being less racial towards othersSairaneth chavez
jcbriedesel7 said Mar 25, 2014 16:44:43
I learned lots of new things about the Holocaust like the medical expermints they did on the jews. Also how the Nazis did what they did and how they did it.Humans could have prevented this tragedy from happening was to all work together as one big union and fight for every ones rights to be a equal.
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