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posted Mar 20, 2014 12:49:03 by admin
What did you learn about the Holocaust? In what ways could humans have prevented this tragedy? (Give specific details)
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masterhayoto21 said Mar 20, 2014 14:53:18
I learned that the holocast killed many people other then just jews. They killed many people like polish, french, and even gypsies. Humans could of prevented this tragedy by standing up for your personal rights.
zimberstudent said Mar 20, 2014 14:58:49
I learned that the holocaust was a brutal time period. I say that it was a brutal time period because many jews have died and like just mmany people has died during the holocaust. Also, people was just treated unfairly and they were abused a lot during this time period. Next, peopple could of just talk things out and like see what works for everybody

Danavian Rivera
nichelperez said Mar 20, 2014 15:56:38
I learned that Jewish life was very hard. Also, they were fired from their jobs, and the nazis took their business and they sold it to people who weren't jewish, many were arrested for refusing to obey, they would be sent to Auschwitz and they would be forced to work very hard, and many died when they tired to scape.
I Also lear that the nazis were so dangerous, and they only wanted control all the contries.
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